I provide dog obedience programs for groups as well as individuals. There are four different group dog training classes. Group classes are conducted at  VCA Coral Animal Hospital  &  VCA Miracle Mile Animal Hospital... Both in Fort Myers, Florida!

Kindergarten Puppy Training (KPT): This class is the best way to introduce your new puppy to the world of dog obedience! This is where I help you start to build the foundation of teaching your dog to "Learn How To Learn". Pet Parents begin to teach their puppy manners, basic commands (sit, down, come when called, etc.) as well as socialization skills. 

  Beginners Obedience: The goal of this class is to teach Pet Parents and their families the foundation on how to work with their dog in a positive and consistent manner. Pet Parents will be taught to establish a leadership relationship with the dog. This course will offer an intermediate level of communication techniques.

Advanced Beginner Obedience Level 2: This class will perfect the standard commands such as sit, down, stay, come, and leash walking. This level will also work on off leash healing, and will offer advanced communication techniques. Your dog will also be introduced to the basics of the formal "fetch".

And the most advanced training I offer is the JTDT Canine Skills Class. This class is a ongoing program where you and your dog can achieve the ultimate in obedience! Take hold and carry (anything you asked them to pick up). Scent work. Tracking, Rally-O, Agility Training, etc. The sky is the limitas to what your pup can learn in this most advanced program!

​My courses are all based on a basic idea which can be summed up from a quote from R.D. Shaw, Chief Archaeologist for the Alaska Department of Natural Resources: "If societies are judged by their systems of order, justice, land rights, and family, the kingdom of the wolf is one of the most sophisticated."

With this in mind, my courses are used to establish the pet owner's role as the leader of the pack. Unless the owner establishes dominance, the animal will. Dominance is not punishment, dominance is the law of the pack. It is instinctively understood by all dogs. By showing dominance to the dog in a very responsible, consistent way, you are setting the dog at ease because he/she knows their place in the pack and are at ease around you because they know that you are in control and you will protect them.

The courses will also detail different types of canine social behavior as well as body language, providing the pet owner with insight into ways in which the pet is trying to communicate with them. 
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